We believe, with the current economic climate in Alberta construction and Western Canada, you should make a well-thought out decision when choosing your next fluid management company. The type of company that First Call Energy wants to work with are those looking to make mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships in the industry. We believe First Call Energy offers something that other companies in the hydrovac and fluid management business cannot compete with: we offer the best value, the best people and the best equipment, and these are the top three qualities you should consider when picking your next hydrovac partner.


The swampers and drivers that First Call Energy chooses to work with always have a few common characteristics: they’re always willing to go the extra mile; they’re diligently committed to safety; and they love what they do.

Safety: We are committed to creating a safe work environment at every level of our company, from employees, to peer contractors, to the public. Our COR Certified Group ensures this through ongoing in-house and 3rd party training, safety meetings, and collaborative communication with employees & clients.

Going the extra mile: servicing our clients to the best of our ability is one of our top priorities. Simply ask, and we’ll see what we can do to make your experience with us the best possible. As mentioned, our priority is creating long-term partnerships with industry leaders, not one-time projects.

Loving what you do: we believe you’re never going to accomplish your job correctly if you don’t already love what you do. Working with people who have the right attitude, and are ready to tackle any and all challenges that are thrown their way with a smile, have been crucial to our growth in this industry.

The Best Value

While each job is different, we have one of the most competitive price points out of any fluid management company working today. Don’t believe us? Request a free consultation HERE! We promise you’ll be happy with what we have to offer!

Our equipment

Recently, we upped our hydrovac capacity, being able to better service the communities of Fort Saskatchewan, Calgary, and and Fort McMurray. Our fleet, which is managed and operated by CJ Lefebvre, First Call’s Managing Partner, includes 2014 Tri Axle Tornado and Foremost Hydrovacs, Tri Axle Water Trucks / Methanol Hauling, and Tri Axle Straight Vac. Each truck is designed, built, and customized to the industry we work in, including excavation processes, tolerance tested, and regulated water pressure for optimum digging power with zero impact to utilities, objects, or the environment. Further specs are as follows:

  • Debris – 13.0 CU YD
  • Water Capacity – 2366 US GAL
  • Roots Blower – 5400 CFM 27″ HG
  • Water Pump – CAT Triplex Water Pump 14-60 GPM 0-3000 PSI
  • Boiler – 740,000 BTU 120V HOTSY
  • Boom – 8″ Top Gun
  • Reach – 33″ Extension Reach
  • Debris Door – 48″ x 36″
  • Controls – Wireless / Manual Backup

The services we’re able to carry out include, but is not limited to:

  • tandem & end dump trucks
  • flushing units
  • water trucks
  • vac trucks
  • heavy equipment
  • dump facilities
  • swamp & rig
  • mat rental
  • shoring boxes
  • steel road plate covers
  • mix off bin rentals
  • camera units
  • directional drills
  • dig frozen ground
  • pipeline crossing
  • cable fault repair pits
  • water main breaks
  • shoring installation
  • slot trenching
  • gas service installation
  • service pits
  • disposal
  • curb stop repairs

Make your first call First Call Energy – Contact us HERE to get a quote or to start working with us!