On April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, we remember the men and women who lost their lives or experienced an injury while on the job site. Regardless of your position, everyone needs to follow the same protocols when it comes to safety. This way, we can ensure no lives are at risk. In order to shed some light on the importance of safety, we’ve gathered 10 facts that make you think twice about unsafe work practices.

1. According to the Canadian Labour Congress, there are hundreds of incidents that go unrecognized each year. Many workers die from occupational injuries or diseases that are not reported.

2. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees paid tribute to 125 workers who lost their lives in 2015.

3. In 2014, 25,528 Albertans filed lost time claims due to work related injuries.

4. Ladders account for 16% of all fatal injuries in the construction industry.

5. The Occupational Health and Safety Association estimates that it has saved more than 75,000 lives since 1970 by using management and safety systems.

6. The most common injuries in Alberta’s construction industry are sprains and strains at 48.22%.

7. 40% of those who suffer an injury report a “re-injury” once they return to work.

8. The Canadian National Institute of the Blind states that every day, 700 Canadians experience eye injuries.

9. Falls are the most frequent construction injury and fall protection is the #1 cited violation as documented by the OHS.

10. In 2014, occupational death was the leading cause of worker death in Alberta. It accounted for 47.9% of fatality claims.

We hope these stats remind you to stay safe!