When it comes to workplace safety, technology is one great way to easily ensure health and safety standards for employees. Frequently mentions of tech come with the assumption that it’s being used to enhance productivity. However, companies now have access to a wide berth of technology allowing them to better report incidents, monitor employees and keep them safe from injuries. However, organizations looking to follow OSHA regulations are embracing technology to help them reach those health and safety benchmarks.

Here’s a look at just how organizations can use tech to promote safety on job sites.

Tracking Performance - At its core, technology can provide enhanced communication, a boon for any company. If technology can allow better communication between workers and their superiors on a job site, safety inspections can be better carried out. Feedback can be quickly sent out and used by contractors to continually improve over a project timeline. In the case of fall prevention, inspection data can be used by safety managers to take proactive action, thus preventing a potential accident from happening. Providing increased reporting and monitoring of active safety issues on a job site can give organizations the ability to mitigate that.

An example of apps that specialize in this include SafetyCulture and Canvas, tech that offers real-
time accident inspection, fall prevention checklists and job site safety analysis.

Increasing Accountability - Accountability can lead to a safer work environment whether you're reining in unruly workers or dealing with productivity mishaps. The introduction of advanced reporting software has given employers peace of mind when tracking the health and safety status of their workers. That data can be used by project managers to push accountability and easily transmitted to colleagues and stakeholders.

Sharing Data - One benefit of using a shared system to gathering and collecting data, whether that’s reinforced servers or storing it all in the cloud, means having an easy means of access and transparency. For larger companies working on multiple projects spanned over a period of time, it’s a lot harder to collect and manage data. Ease of access and better transparency means analyzing and sharing data will go a long way towards protecting workers on a job site and identifying potential issues.

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