Thinking about performing some DIY excavation on your property? Here’s a word of advice: if there’s one thing you should leave to the professionals, it’s heavy digging.

Let’s be honest. Your digging project probably won’t go well. Even if you make the choice to rent excavation equipment, you could be breaking important 'click before you dig' laws. You could likely cause damage to cable and power lines buried deep underground, meaning you can say goodbye to working utilities and hello to a skyrocketing repair bill. Any home digging project requires you submit utility location requests at least two working days before you're allowed to proceed, something you won't necessarily need to worry about by hiring an excavating company. And like the video above proves, you just might not know what you’re doing. The risks could turn deadly.

Why hire a professional? Besides paying for excavation equipment capable of more work than the best manual labour could, you’d be paying for safety and expertise. Companies specializing in excavation can offer a myriad of services that are not only efficient but also incredibly budget friendly, something many do not take into account when making the decision to dig sans help. There’s also the alternative of using a hydrovac, a safe method of digging that lessens the chances of hitting any pipes, gas lines or other structures in the area.

But it’s not just homeowners who have to be careful. Workers need to watch out too; digging can go wrong during professional construction projects too. According to OSHA, two workers are killed each month due to trench collapse and cave-ins are the likeliest accident to result in fatalities. Other hazards to watch out for include falls and unsecure equipment, meaning most trenches and other areas of excavation need some sort of a protective system - whether it be using boxes and supports or installing equipment to prevent cave-ins or cutting back the walls at a degree - and daily inspections.

In short, there’s plenty of circumstances and situations where digging can go awry. Safety is an absolute must to observe in these situations. Do you have an excavator and or any heavy digging equipment? If you do, make sure to get a professional to handle it. If not, then it’s best to pick up the phone and give us a shout.

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