Despite the concept and technology existing as far back as the 1960s, hydrovacing is still a relatively young form of digging. The process of using high pressure water to better break down material has made excavation an ease in areas where the climate makes traditional excavation far more difficult. Why use hydrovac? There’s numerous benefits to using hydrovac: they require less direct manpower and can safely remove contaminated materials or uncover buried utility lines, serve as the best non-destructive option for digging and speed up excavation projects in ways conventional digging simply can't.

Here’s a few examples where your best tool of choice should be hydrovac.

Accurately Finding Utility Lines
We touched upon this not too long ago but a problem with conventional digging jobs is that besides potentially hitting buried power lines that could wreck havoc to both your health and your utilities, it’s quite the destructive process. Whether you’re looking to map out an area for excavation or looking to repair a site, buried cable or utility lines can be damaged using traditional methods. The advantage of using hydrovac means not only will you be less destructive on the soil, saving time and money on future repair, you'll also be avoiding the use of heavy machinery that can take up precious space.

Draining Excess Water
As this situation in Saskatoon proved, hydrovac vehicles are well suited to dealing with an abundance of quickly melting ice water. Hydrovac trucks can be used to unearth just about anything, or it can be used as a vacuum. Alongside working to drain large pools of water in parking lots, the hydrovac trucks in Saskatoon worked to clear drains that remove water from roofs to prevent further collapses and leaks.

Prepping for Pile Holes
One of the services we offer is pile holes, digging holes meant for structural support foundations or installing poles. Oftentimes, these holes are designed to safely align with the city’s underground infrastructure but hydrovacs are the preferred method for these jobs. Making a quick and effective excavation in cold climates is cost effective for pile holes, whether these holes are for supporting utility poles or end-bearing piles. You’re capable of getting more done in half the amount of time.

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