After noticing a gap in customer service, equipment, and value in the hydrovac and fluid management services in Edmonton, First Call Energy began as a company servicing just that area. However, through years of offering an exceptional product, great value, and customer service, we’ve expanded into the rest of Alberta, serving hotspots like Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Fort Saskatchewan, and all of Alberta.

This is despite an economy in Alberta that is still struggling to recover from an excess in global oil supply, instability in the securities market, tensions in Europe and the middle east, and BREXIT. It shows how a company that adapts to a new industry normal, and puts their customers first, is able to survive in an increasingly competitive market. According to ATB financial’s second quarter economic outlook, Alberta will end the year with a negative 1.3 per cent GDP growth rate (but see growth in 2017). However, as oil seems to be increasing (slowly, but still increasing), estimated to increase to somewhere around $50-60 on the global market by the end of the year, we’re looking forward to the activity that will come when Alberta is again the economic powerhouse it once was.

With that said, we have even more exciting news to share with you all! From the hard work of everyone on our team, we’re now able to service your hydrovac and fluid management requests in the Greater Vancouver area, and almost all of British Columbia. We’re excited about this new growth opportunity, and the new connections and partnerships that will develop from it.

If you know anyone in the Greater Vancouver area who could use our services, please contact Shane Lindsay, our Western Canadian sales manager, at 780-667-5600 or contact us here.