Summer is in full swing in Alberta, and though the heat is generally modest in our province, and our neighbours to the south might have it much worse, it can still reach upwards of 30 to 40 degrees on some scorching summer days. When you’re working hard for a client, this degree of heat can get into dangerous territories and can jeopardize a worker’s health, if not properly looked over.

So here’s 10 tips to staying cool during the summer months!

1. Recognition: Workers should be trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress or stroke and what to do if they notice another worker under visible signs of distress.

2. Hydration: workers should have available water at all times. Water is the key to staying cool during these hot summer months.

3. Nutrition: eating the right food will ensure that employees aren’t zapped of vital nutrients when they start to sweat.

4. Breaks: scheduled breaks, where workers can cool down in shaded areas, will be useful to maintaining safe body temperatures.

5. Smart Scheduling: Try to schedule the heavy, sweat-inducing projects near the beginning or end of the day, when it’s the coolest.

6. Clothing: encourage your employees to wear light-coloured, breathable, loose-fitting clothing—but be careful! Make sure they’re always wearing their appropriate PPE.

7. Sunscreen: workers should be wearing sunscreen on all exposed areas of their body, and then periodically applying it to their skin throughout the day.

8. Sunglasses: Provide workers with tinted safety glasses (PPE Approved!) that prevent glare and eye damage during their shift.

9. Cooling vests: An industrial cooling vest may be a good investment option. It can keep your workers consistently cool even through the most strenuous heat and weather.

10. Air conditioning: utilize portable, outdoor air-conditioning units and dehumidifiers at the job site, especially in areas where strenuous heavy-duty work is taking place.