There’s two seasons in Calgary and everyone knows them: road construction and winter! While everyone is out enjoying patios, sunshine, fishing, and long weekends, we’ll be busy deploying our trucks in and around Calgary, helping with the various construction projects around the city. Luckily this year, with the mild winter Calgary had, road construction started earlier than normal. While it typically starts in mid June, this year it began in May.

But even with the early start, Calgary still plans to complete 25% more road construction projects this year, due to lower oil prices, cheaper bids, and an injection of capital funding from both the Alberta government, federal government, and Calgary City Council (who approved a plan to increase capital spending by $47 million over the next 2 years). In total, the City of Calgary has a budget of more than $40 million to maintain and improve the roads of Calgary. This includes 15 major roads, 28 industrial streets, and 84 residential streets. The total kilometres of roads that will be serviced this summer totals more than 164KM.

“We have approximately 111 locations to do this year,” said Shannon Williams, senior paving leader. And Christopher McGeachy, a spokesman for Calgary Roads, said “We’re doing more construction, trying to take advantage of the depressed price of oil and try to get more infrastructure work done. For instance, we’re doing 12 contracted projects this year vs 6 or 7 that we normally do.”

Here are some major road projects going on in Calgary: 

Bonaventure Drive S.E. from Canyon Meadows Drive to Anderson Road S.E.

Edmonton Trail from Memorial Drive to 32nd Avenue N.E.

36th Street N.E. from Memorial Drive to McKnight Boulevard N.E.

Macleod Trail S.E. from 34th Avenue to 58th Avenue S.E.

Northmount Drive N.W. between Cambrian Drive and 4th Street N.W.

14th Street N.W. between Memorial Drive and 21st Avenue N.W.

You can find more information on all the major road projects HERE! 

If your neighbourhood is slated for construction work, the City of Calgary has set up a handy PDF that’ll give you a run down of what they expect of you.