You might have noticed that over the last month, we have gone from First Call Hydrovac to First Call Energy, and are currently in the process of moving our website from to (so update your bookmarks!) and all our social media links have went from First Call Hydrovac to First Call Energy. You’ll also see that our logos on all our trucks will start to reflect the new name.

But what was behind the name change? We wanted to be your go to company for all things fluid management, and your turn-key solution for any projects that you may have. That means that we updated our full service offering with the new name change. What new services?

Our list of services include, but is not limited to (please contact us HERE if you don’t see your project):

  • tandem & end dump trucks
  • flushing units
  • water trucks
  • vac trucks
  • heavy equipment
  • dump facilities
  • swamp & rig
  • mat rental
  • shoring boxes
  • steel road plate covers
  • mix off bin rentals
  • camera units
  • directional drills
  • dig frozen ground
  • pipeline crossing
  • cable fault repair pits
  • water main breaks
  • shoring installation
  • slot trenching
  • gas service installation
  • service pits
  • disposal
  • curb stop repairs

On top of that, we’ve also added more trucks to our Calgary fleet, adding more capabilities to handle your project, faster. Interested in working with us? Call us in Edmonton at 7806675600 or Calgary at 4035891227! We look forward to creating a long term partnership with you!