In early May, we announced that we would be donating a portion of our May revenue to the Kids Up Front Foundation. We’re incredibly happy to announce that we raised over $1000.00 to the foundation!

What is the Kids Up Front Foundation?

The foundation was created in 2003, providing tickets and access to arts, sports, and entertainment events for children and youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity attend. To date, the foundation has donated over 300,000 event tickets valued at well over $6.5 million dollars. Through their partner agencies, they target underprivileged and disadvantaged youth and children, giving them an experience that not only broadens and enriches their life, but gives them the opportunity to feel a part of their respective communities.

“Kids Up Front allows somebody to feel included. When you’re at an event, no one knows how you got there, you’re just there with other people. You’re not pointed out to be different. You’re just belonging.”

Why did we choose to do this? 

At First Call Energy, we realize that we not only work in a community, but live in it, raise our children in it, and are intertwined with everything that happens in our respective communities. The more we help the community, the better we all become as a result. It’s one of the reasons why our business is interested in making real, long term relationships with other businesses, instead of simply business transactions. We are interested in truly community building.

If you’re interested in making a donation to Kids Up Front or buying a ticket for a kid in need, all you have to do is follow the instructions on their website. Click here to do so.

“Your ticket can ignite a kid’s passions, inspire their dreams and instil hope that they can have a future with limitless possibilities.”