Despite the economic downturn, construction remains a vital part of the economy in British Columbia and Alberta, with no shortage of reasons to express our support for an industry that literally puts the clothes on our back. So without further ado, these are the 9 things we love about our trade:

The people
The construction field is a fluid industry. It’s a fun place to work at, and it’s teeming with awesome people to be around. The vast network and the quality of connections you can get within the industry are endless. Seeing committed people being passionate about their work and bringing to life incredible projects, effectively makes the rest of the people get motivated. If you’re in the construction industry, you are driven by the many inspirational people who share a vision of the industry and who are driven to take people along with them.

Every project is different
Unlike some other sectors that lead you to an overwhelming routine, working in the construction arena helps you deal with a healthy dose of variation. You get to see new people and new projects while visiting different parts of the country. Most importantly, every new project you take on keeps you challenged and helps you grow.

Transformational impact
Being in the construction industry is a rewarding experience. Seeing your finished projects brings you a sense of pride and accomplishment. It’s both a transformational experience of yourself and the surrounding community. 

The scale
Sky is indeed the limit in the construction field. Being able to decide on the details helps you get creative in maximizing the scale.

The people in the construction industry don’t just work to get paid. The dedicated men and women in the industry make clients’ business their business. We have a sense of ownership in dealing with each project, and this leads to wonderful results.

Seeing your work come to life
Nothing is more fulfilling than actually seeing your work come to life. Seeing a project’s progress from concept to completion is beyond rewarding.

It’s tangible
Whether you build something, design it, negotiate the contracts for, it’s physically there and people will use and see it everyday—be it homes, offices, railways, power stations, etc. Construction affects people’s lives everyday in a very physical way.

Working with clients, project managers, contractors and design teams at the same time is a very unique experience. As a project reaches its completion, everyone feels the same kind of pride and shares the same level of victory.

The future
The best thing about construction is its future. Technology is moving by leaps and bounds and is constantly on the upsurge. Imagining the possibilities, the things people can do, the technology being created, and what all that brings about is staggering.